Our Agents

Tim Hash - Broker/Auctioneer
Tim was first licensed as an Agent in 1983, an Auctioneer in 1984 and a Class A Contractor in 2003. During his career, he has either sold, auctioned, leased, mortgaged, or developed real estate. Tim is a native of Roanoke County where he still lives with his wife, Connie. Call 540-353-2107 or Email: timhashsells@gmail.com

Sarah Hale - REALTOR
Sarah is our shining star. She loves her adopted hometown of Roanoke. We call her our Urban Specialist as she works hard to stay on top of the housing market and keep apprised of all that we love here in the valley. Contact Sarah today! Call: 540-494-2043 or Email: treeavenue4you@gmail.com

Sherman Henry - REALTOR
Welcome Sherman, or should we say welcome back! Sherman became a REALTOR in 1987. After a stellar-award winning career, he left real estate to pursue other interests. Now he's back and we encourage all Sherman's past clients and new friends to contact him about your real estate needs. Call: 540-314-9909 or Email: 1955shenry@gmail.com

Gary Dogan - Senior Advisor
1975 was a good year for Roanoke. That's the year Gary decided to enter the real estate business. Since then he has helped numerous families sell and would-be buyers become homeowners. In 1992, he became licensed as an Auctioneer and has helped numerous families settle estates. Give Gary a call today! Call: 540-427-2871 or Email: oldwreck@aol.com